Video emerges of Jimmy Kimmel asking women to guess what’s in his pants

Following the disturbing Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, many celebrities’ skeletons have emerged from the closet proving they are no better than the disgraced film producer, according to Mediaite.

Austin Fletcher, a Twitter user, shared on the social media an old video of US comedian and producer Jimmy Kimmel who plays a game with women on the street where they had to guess what was in his pants by using their hands.

It should be mentioned that the women in the video voluntarily agreed to participate in this game, so Kimmel’s actions may not be seen similar to those of Weinstein, despite what some social media users are suggesting.

Kimmel instructed one of the women to “use two hands” and jokingly said, “maybe it’d be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

“You should put your mouth on it,” said Kimmel.

Then the comedian asked another young woman what was her age, to which she replied 18.

“Are you sure?” Kimmel said. “Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

With one of the omen energetically grabbing around the outside of his crotch, Kimmel told her “You’re gonna make a fine wife.”

By the end of the video, however, Kimmel reveals that he had a zucchini with a rubber band on it in his pants.

The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ host has been in the spotlight lately for discussing highly political topics like health care and gun control following the shooting in Las vegas.

Kimmel has also been a vocal critic of Mr. Trump’s:

“At this point, I’m not sure Donald Trump could finish the maze on the backs of a Denny’s kids’ menu. I’d pay $100 to watch Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump take IQ tests against each other,” he has said.

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