Border wall models reach final phase and would await endurance testing

The construction of border wall sample prototypes is entering its final phase along the United States’ Southwest border in San Diego, California.Companies started developing prototypes for President Trump’s promised wall, and teams were given 30 days to finalize their models.

Companies started developing prototypes for President Trump’s promised wall with teams were given 30 days to finalize their models.

In total, six companies were chosen to design eight prototypes. There are four prototypes made out of concrete and four other of different materials.

Once complete, the government will run a series of tests on each prototype, checking for anti-climbing, anti-breaching, and anti-digging capabilities, among other things.

Upon the models’ finalization, the government will carry out a number of tests on each one to test them for endurance in, among other things, anti-breaching, and anti-digging.

The Trump administration issued a request on March 9 for wall models and proposals asking for aesthetics, anti-climbing, to be resistant to tampering or damage as essential requirements for effective suggestions.

The request did not demand the models to be a “total wall solution” but to give the government an idea of what it actually needs.

Last year, then-candidate Trump campaigned on the promise to erect a wall along the border with Mexico to limit (or completely eradicate, if possible) illegal crossings into U.S. territory.

Though prototypes are well on their way to be finished and then tested, there still remains the unresolved issue of how the wall would be financed.

The Department of Homeland Security has stated that the project could cost around $22 billion, whereas Democratic lawmakers claim it could reach up to $70 billion.

Ten billion dollars have already been approved by the House on Oct. 4 to fund the wall, but though the bill is expected to pass the House, the real challenge would be passing the Senate.

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