Trump signs executive order to dismantle Obamacare

On Thursday, President Trump signed a bill to rescind certain parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, following through on his promise to take matters into his own hands after Congress failed to repeal the country’s health care plan, via Business Insider.

Due to the GOP’s failed attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, which was implemented in 2010, Trump suggested that he would single-handedly work on the issue. The President did not go into detail but said that he would allow people to acquire “great, competitive healthcare” that will cost the country “nothing.”

Mr. Trump said at a ceremony where he signed the order that the move aims to dismantle ACA.

“We’ve been hearing about the disaster of Obamacare for so long — in my case most of it outside in civilian life and a long period of time since I started running and for a long time since I became president of the United States,” Trump said. “I just keep hearing repeal, replace, repeal, replace. Well, we’re starting that process.”

Trump’s order would allow small enterprises and people to join together and form associations to buy health insurance plans to which some of the Affordable Care Act’s requirements would not apply. Some of them include compulsory coverage for 10 essential health benefits like maternity and newborn care, treatment for mental health and prescription medication.

The piece of legislation is also expected to increase the amount of time people can use short-term medical insurance plans that cost less than previous plans but cover only some of the benefits. Individuals would be able to use the plans for around a year, a drastic increase in time compared to the three months with the present law.

“I’ll also be signing something, probably this week, which is going to go a long way to take care of many of the people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare,” Mr. Trump has recently said at a White House press briefing.

“With Congress the way it is, I decided to take it upon myself,” he added, saying the plan is “largely worked out.”

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